Faculty of Business Administration

Researching the relationship between people and organizations

The Faculty of Business Administration, which offers day and evening courses, was established in 2003. Our educational philosophy can be summarized in the following five key words: "Organizations", "Practical application", "Globalism", "Information analysis" and "Human behavior".

The study of business administration has developed with research on business organizations as its core. In recent times, this field has expanded to address various aspects of organizations such as operational strategies, structures, human relations, and marketing. Today, organizations that the study of business administration covers include governments, hospitals, and NPOs.

The Faculty of Business Administration encourages researchers and students to pursue studies in current business management practices based on an accurate understanding of rapidly changing trends and future-oriented thinking.

Department of Management―Learning organizational management through theory and practice

The Department of Management in the Faculty of Business Administration aims at developing students' ability to understand organizational management of businesses flexibly and comprehensively, applying a broad perspective in this society that is continuously globalized and advanced information networks.

The curriculum consists of two key fields: Organizational management and Operational strategies including Marketing. Students have various opportunities for hands-on experiences, including training at business sites both in Japan and overseas.

By presenting knowledge on organizational management with an attention to theoretical and practical aspects of the field, the department nurtures businesspeople who will actively benefit any type of organization and who are capable of developing new fields of business.

Department of Management Information―Understanding organizations through information analysis and psychology

The Department of Management Information in the Faculty of Business Administration aims at developing students' ability to analyze business information and human behavior in various organizations, applying the knowledge of accounting, information science, and psychology.

Students will learn systematically and comprehensively by selecting subjects from three key fields: Accounting including Finance, Information science, and Psychology of human behavior. Like the Department of Management, students in the Department of Management Information have various opportunities for hands-on experience.

Students learn how an individual processes management information and how that process influences human behavior. The Department of Management Information pioneers the use of information analysis and psychology to foster talented employees who can understand organizations thoroughly.