Our Founding Spirit

Hokkai-Gakuen has grown successfully as an educational institution in this vast Northern land during our more than 130 years of history. Based on our early history, Hokkai-Gakuen was reborn as Hokkai-Gakuen University in 1952. Here in the land of that rebirth, the University pursues its founding goal of instilling in students a pioneering spirit that allows them to stand independently without over-reliance on fellow students or established authority.

Although the University has faced many difficulties in the more than half a century since its foundation, we have overcome all hardships, thanks to the persistent efforts of our predecessors, who made significant achievements by sticking to the pioneering spirit, a dauntless, free spirit. Now the University enjoys a reputation as one of the finest private universities in Hokkaido.

The pioneering spirit, the spirit of our foundation, has not faded. Keeping it in mind, our faculty members have devoted themselves to the education of talented people, while envisioning the University's further development.

Our graduates, also keeping the celebrated frontier spirit in mind, are playing active roles in society as leaders in their respective fields. Currently enrolled students are determined to take on today's challenges with the same spirit, exploring their potential with courage and confidence through proactive studies, independent thinking and responsible action.

The pioneering spirit, the spirit of our foundation, promises to shine ever brighter as a touchstone for the University's further development.