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Graduate School of Law

Master’s Program

[Law Major ]
We want candidates to develop and cultivate capacity to grasp issues of contemporary jurisprudence

[Political Science Major]
We want candidates to acquire the knowledge to consider and analyse political phenomena of society to promote democracy in domestic and foreign communities

Doctoral Program

[Law Major ]
We want graduate students in the Doctoral program to contribute to filling a gap among various academic societies existing in each specialized realm of law-related area in the future.

[Political Science Major]
We want graduate students in the Doctoral program to pursue higher and more specialized theoretical and empirical study independently, deepening the learning outcome.

In the Graduate School of Law, the conventional wisdom is that Bachelors of Law should be generalists, with a wide range of knowledge in law, politics and public administration. We however seek candidates who will become “specialists”, not limited to academic study but also “specialists” demanded by the job market.

In the gradual transition of specialized education to graduate schools, we intend to accept more college graduates by expanding the entrance of working members of society as well as new graduates. Providing two specialized studies of Major in Jurisprudence and Major in Political Science, we help them to realize the goals above.