Law School

Hokkai-Gakuen University Law School educates students to be lawyer who is rooted in the local community.
People in Hokkaido are faced with various difficult problems such as depopulation, caring for the elderly, elimination and consolidation of industry, municipal merger, regional development, environment preservation and all that. Such problems course various conflicts.

And such conflicts will embroil the local resident in legal efforts. Not only local resident but also administrative agency and company faces with same problem.
So, community resident, administrative agency and also company in Hokkaido need the lawyer who can solve these problems. Such lawyer needs not only to combine professional knowledge about law theory but also acquire accomplishments. And also the lawyer needs to solve the problems, empathizing with local people, living together with local society, considering welfare for each people and enriching the local society.
And it is our mission to educate the students to be such lawyer, because Hokkai-Gakuen University is located in Hokkaido and have base in Hokkaido.

To accomplish our mission, we provide thorough small-group instruction, and the interactive classes in which professor and students discuss each theme. Small group instruction and interactive classes provide the highly concentrated classes. We give the students opportunity of group studying to enhance educational effects. We adopt of rigorous assessment of academic achievement and students need to have predefined credits. And we demand each student to have strong sense of purpose to be lawyer. Because only student who has strong sense of purpose to be lawyer, can accomplish the way to be academically-trained, competitive success, and to become lawyer.

One of the important missions of law school is to bridge actual practice and conventional theory. Our professors are accomplished scholars and practice professors who have one of the best practical experiences. And these professors give the classes, and develop education method to contribute effective education to bridge actual practice and conventional theory. Hokkai-Gakuen University Law School is the "firm ground" for the students who empathize with our philosophy, accomplish the way, and will become the lawyer who contribute to the local community.

In Hokkaido, most of the lawyers live in Sapporo city and other area has the problem of "depopulation of the lawyers". So, the basic philosophy of our law school is "To educates students to be lawyer who is rooted in the local community, give good legal service for the local residents, local administrative agency, and local company, and can respond to confidence and expectations for local society. And provide specialized education to cultivate such lawyers".

Hokkai-Gakuen University Law School is community-based law school, and its purpose is to contribute to the social development in Hokkaido.
Also, our law school has the special course applied exception according to §14 of Standards for Establishment of Universities. The special course is established for the students with a job. Its course term is extended and students can take the class after they finish their job.

The special course provides the opportunity to study the person who plays an active role in various areas and have knowledge about various areas.
And the course will produce the lawyer who has not only professional knowledge about law but also has various experiences. Study with us, and be "good lawyer" for Hokkaido people!